First step..

So, I have spend the last weekend “Konmarie” a few things.  I have completed the personal care category, discarding rarely used items, serum that no longer work so well, makeup past their prime and other small items that I wonder, why do I keep them?

As Marie Kondo recommends, I start by pulling all the bottles, jars, little pots and whatnots from the medicine cabinet, drawers, under the sink, and put them on the floor.  Next, I did hold each one of the item and asked if this sparks “Joy”, and did I like using it?  Not surprisingly, I kept most of my skin care items, but discard away most of the make-up.

Next, it was cleaning the cabinets, drawers, wipe the bottles with alcohol or cloth, and then return them to the rightful place.  I must admit, it does look better, and this week skincare routine is more relaxing than usual.

Hubby also shares the main drawer with me.  While I did take every thing out, and wipe them clean, I did not remove his things.  He does not have a lot to begin with, so it was an easy job cleaning them.

I wonder which category I should do next?  I know I have thousand of photos to sort, but that is really a big project.  Maybe I should do some garden maintenance instead, the plants are not doing so good (sad face!!)